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How to apply composite strapping?
- Feb 26, 2019-

A complete package generally requires the following steps:

1, Feed Strappingpack® composite strapping underneath the pallet, around your product and fold
    the strapping away . 
2, Take a buckle in your left hand with the legs facing to the right and up. 
3, Feed the loop of the strapping through the center of the buckle and around the upper prong of 
    the buckle.
4, Fold the strapping  to the roll towards you.
5, Feed this loop through the center of the buckle and around the bottom prong of the buckle.
6, Pull the strap hand-tight.
7, Squeeze the handle of the tensioner to cut the strapping and move the tensioner away.

Position the manual tensioner on the bottom strapping, about 30 cm away from (below) the buckle. Push the handle to release the gripper foot and place the strapping underneath the gripper foot. Feed the strapping through the knife and the windlass.  Move the handle of the tensioner up and down and tension the strapping.

Please use suitable buckle for different size strapping, Qingdao Strapping Pack Co.,Ltd provide all high quality galvanized steel wire buckle.


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