Galvanized Steel Strapping Buckle

Material: carbon steel
Width: 13mm--40mm
Diameter: 3.0mm--8.0mm

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Galvanized steel wire strapping buckle(composite strap buckle) are made by high quality carbon steel, it superior holding power in all weather conditions. It provides maximum joint efficiency for the highest system strength. The size from 13mm to 40mm,diameter from 3.0mm to 8.0mm,the breaking strength from 300kg to 3200kg, it is suitable for polyester cord composite strapping and woven lashing strap


♦Galvanized metal seals slides easily over strapping.

♦Hand thread strapping for an economical and easy way to secure your loads

♦No tooling needed, Perfect finish

♦Waterproof, Longer life

Material: Metal, Carbon Steel

Width: 13mm--40mm

Diameter: 3.0mm--8.0mm

Breaking Strength: 300kg--3200kg

Surface: Galvanized

Suitable Strap: composite strapping,hotmelt strapping

Packing: 1000 P/Box, 500 P/Box, 250 P/Box,125 P/Box

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