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Composite strapping buckle
- Feb 28, 2019-

Composite strapping should be closed with a steel wire buckle. When you apply tension to the strapping, the buckle closes. The overall system strength is determined by the quality of the strapping  in combination with the joint closure.

The thickness of the wire used and the buckle forming process determine the strength of the buckle and therefore the system strength. For composite strapping a heavy duty, galvanised steel wire buckle is advised. Few applications require a phosphate buckle. Phosphate buckles provide higher friction inside the buckle.

Strappingpack® strapping buckles provide the strongest and most consistent joint in the industry. we manufactures both the strapping and buckles in China. This ensures a consistent high quality. other brand buckles  cannot provide consistent quality and system strength.


                                                         3270 32mmX2400kg-2

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