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How to connect the plastic packing belt
- Oct 30, 2018-

1. ligation type. This type of joint is made of soft plastic rope, hemp rope and so on as strapping material, the joint to play the survival knot. This joint is both solid and beautiful, and easy to untie. 

2. Hot-melt lap connection. It uses electrothermal welding, mechanical high-frequency oscillation welding and ultrasonic welding and other heating methods, is the plastic belt surface heat melting, will be two with the end of the melting surface lap up, under a certain pressure to maintain a certain time, until the melting surface condensation, bonded with a good way of plastic joint. The joint method is suitable for polypropylene plastic tape, because polypropylene plastic tape with metal buckle mechanical fastening, its strength is only 50% of the base material, adhesive connection is not applicable. 

3. Metal buckle type. This method is the first one-way work of the tensioner Ratchet, so that the tape tension, and then placed at the joint with an iron buckle, and then use the clamp to make the iron buckle wrapped in two layers of tape, and the side of the iron buckle teeth concave tooth shape, bite the tape does not cause its loose. Iron buckle is usually made of galvanized tin, the operation should be based on the strap model to select the appropriate specifications of the iron buckle.

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