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What is cord woven strapping
- Feb 28, 2019-

Strappingpack® cord woven strapping are available in several constructions, primarily involving polyester and rayon. Some types are reusable. Because this system uses a buckle for a joint, corded and woven strapping can have a larger system strength than steel banding. Corded polyester strapping also has a higher elongation than other strapping systems, which gives it an ideal memory for sea and rail shipments. Because corded and woven polyester straps are light and soft, they are also a safer alternative to steel banding.

SWS40 13mmx380kg
SWS50 16mmx480kg
SWS55 16mmx620kg
SWS65 19mmx580kg
SWS66 19mmx750kg
SWS60HD 19mmx1100kg
SWS85 25mmx1000kg 
All above woven strapping are DNV GL certificate

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