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About Strapping Flexbility
- May 05, 2019-

Strapping Flexbility:  

Strapping includes steel strapping, pp strapping, PET strapping, composite cord strapping, hot melt strapping and woven cord strapping.

With different material and different production process, the flexibility of different strapping are distinct.


Steel strapping is made of steel which is very hard. So it is inconvenient for using. Moreover, it could hurt the goods surfaces easily.
PP strapping is softer than steel strapping. But the break strength is too small.

PET Strapping is stiffer than PP strapping and its breaking strength is bigger.

Composite strapping, hot melt strapping, woven cord strapping are all softer than steel strapping, PP strapping and PET strapping. They are convenient for using and do not hurt goods surface. Moreover, their breaking forces are bigger.

The best solutions for safely and easily packaging is composite strapping, woven strapping, hot melt strapping or polyester woven lashing strap. 
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                       composite strapping.woven strapping

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