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About Strapping Breaking Strength
- May 05, 2019-

Strapping Breaking Strength:


Strapping includes steel strapping, pp strapping, PET strapping, composite strapping, hot melt strapping and woven strapping.There are four kinds of materials for the conventional strapping: steel, PP, PET and polyester.Material for PP strapping is 100% polypropylene which does not have breaking intensity. The biggest breaking strength that 19mm PP strapping can reach is 400kg.Composite strapping has the same breaking intensity as that of steel strapping. 38mm composite strapping can reach a breaking strength of 2500kg at most. For 19mm composite strapping, the conventional breaking strength is 650kg.

For woven cord strapping, the breaking strength can be customized according to requirement. With 19mm width, the linear breaking strength can reach 1500kg.

The best solutions for safely and easily packaging is composite strapping, woven strapping, hot melt strapping or polyester woven lashing strap. 

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                      composite strapping.woven strapping


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