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What are the requirements for the production material of the packing belt?
- Oct 30, 2018-

Has a certain primary protection, is to use the packing belt material to provide the surface protection of the products that need to be packaged, so that the product can be manufactured a lightweight and highly protective surface, which is very effective for dust, oil, moisture and water, it can even achieve the purpose of anti-theft, which is very helpful for the product.

And the use of wrapping film packaging can also ensure that the packaging of the uniform force, so as to better avoid some unnecessary damage, more advanced than the traditional packaging method a lot. With a certain degree of compression and fixation because of our packaging process, often with the help of the stretch film fully stretched after the retraction force to packaging and winding our products, so that the formation of the packaging is very compact, but also can save a certain amount of space. Packing belt It can make the hard products stick together, or make the soft products greatly tighten, especially tobacco or textile and so on is especially obvious.

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