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What is composite strapping
- Feb 26, 2019-

Due to its unique combination of elongation and memory, cord composite  strapping can absorb impacts and load shifting that would normally break steel banding. It is soft, pliable and will not rust, so it will not cause injuries or damage valuable cargo, it is the ideal material to protect heavy loads, as well as irregular shaped goods during transportation.

Strappingpack® composite strapping have many features and benifits:
♦Stronger than steel strap

♦ Safe for users & receivers

♦ Does not damage to products

♦ Shock absorbent

♦ Light weight & portable

♦ Chemical resistant

♦ Will not rust or rot

♦ Weather and chemical resistant

Strappingpack® composite strapping is suitable for all light and heavy packaging, securing large items and awkward loads in various applications and sectors, these strapping can effective alternative to steel strapping and part of chain.Common industries that benefit from high-quality interal container include Steel Tube,Aluminum Ingot, Motor,Wood,Pallet,Cartons, Mining and Resources, Oil and Gas,Offshore and Marine, Freight Forwarding, Logistics Packing and other strapping packing.

SC40 13mm x 300kg 
SC50 16mm x 425kg 
SC55 16mm x 550kg 
SC60 19mm x 475kg
SC65 19mm x 625kg
SC85 25mm x 785kg
SC86 25mm x 925kg
SC105 32mm x 1500kg

All above cord composite strapping are DNV GL certificated

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