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About Ageing Resistance of Strapping
- May 05, 2019-

Strappings include steel strapping, pp strapping, PET strapping, composite cord strapping, hot melt strapping and woven cord strapping.

Ageing resistance level of strapping is due to the material that it is made of:

Steel strapping is made of steel. Its ageing resistance level is the highest. But it could get rusty easily.

The main material of PP strapping is polypropylene which does not have ageing resistance performance itself. So PP strapping does not resist ageing.

PET strapping is mainly made of polyethylene. It has ageing resistance performance. So PET strapping has ageing resistance performance also.

Composite cord strapping and hot melt strapping are made of high tenacity polyester yarn and polypropylene. Polyester yarn has very strong ageing resistance performance. So composite cord strapping and hot melt strapping have very good anti-aging property.  

The material for woven cord strapping and lashing strap is 100% high tenacity polyester yarn which has very good capability on resisting aging. Then both woven cord strapping and lashing strap have the most excellent ageing resistance performance.

The best solutions for safely and easily packaging is composite strapping, woven strapping, hot melt strapping or polyester woven lashing strap.

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                 cord strapping for carton  composite strapping for wood

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