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Distinguishing the packing belt quality
- Oct 30, 2018-

1. High strength: Plastic packing Belt material is polyester polyester) has a very strong tensile resistance, close to the same specifications of the steel belt, the common plastic belt several times.

2. High toughness: Because the plastic packing belt has the plastics characteristic, has the special flexibility, the elongation rate reaches 12% in the transportation process may prevent the bump to cause the packing belt break.

3. Safety: Plastic packing belt without sharp edge of steel belt, will not cause damage to the wrapped object.

Packaging and unpacking will not cause injury to the operator and prevent all unsafe factors.

4. Adaptability: Plastic packing belt due to material and production process factors, can be suitable for all kinds of climate change, high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, not like the steel belt damp rust and loss of tensile resistance, bundle strength attenuation small.

5. Convenient and environmental protection: because of the light-weight plastic packing belt, easy to carry, small size, save the warehouse space, used pet belt convenient recovery, in line with environmental requirements. 6 Economic benefits Good: Plastic Packing belt density only for the steel belt density of 1/6 unit length of the price is relatively low, 1 tons of steel belt length equivalent to 6 tons of strip length, and the interest rate per meter is lower than the steel belt

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