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A Guide To Cargo Strapping
- Sep 06, 2021-


One Way Lashing Strap

What is cargo strapping?

Cargo lashing is used to secure cargo during transportation, moving, or moving the warehouse. Compared with traditionally used chains, metal wires, and jute ropes, they are safer, more reliable, and lighter in weight.

How to use cargo strapping safely

The cargo lashing strap is a convenient strap for securing the cargo during transportation, but first, you need to know how to operate it safely.

1. Do not fasten or twist the cargo lashing straps.

2. Only use undamaged cargo lashing straps. It is dangerous to use damaged cargo straps.

3. Avoid overloading. You can see the capacity on the label, which clearly indicates the capacity.

4. Do not use cargo lashing straps for load lifting adjustment.

5. When using cargo strapping, keep it away from the sharp edges of the fabric as far as possible to avoid fraying or cutting.

6. Do not place objects on the cargo lashing belt to avoid injury.

What if the cargo lashing straps get stuck?

Although wearing straps is easy, sometimes you may end up getting stuck in the straps. Usually, the straps get stuck because they are overwrapped-they may have been untied before being tightened. If this happens, use pliers to loosen the webbing and remove the webbing from the device. You need some patience and time to do this. To prevent jams, remember to remove excess slack before ratcheting. In addition, very few webbing straps are used to fasten the inside of the ratchet mechanism. This prevents the webbing from getting tangled together.

Storage of cargo lashing straps

Cargo lashing straps must be stored in a cool and dry place, but avoid direct sunlight. The accumulation of moisture causes the formation of mold and mildew and severely damages the tape. Over time, the sun’s ultraviolet rays will also fade and weaken cargo strapping. This can be dangerous and will affect the safety of goods and personnel.

Store cargo lashing straps in a duffel bag or storage bag and make sure they are neat and orderly. This prevents friction that may weaken or damage cargo lashing straps. Proper storage can also be reused more easily. Always thoroughly inspect the cargo strapping for signs of physical wear. Make sure that the latch is not damaged or corroded. Although these buckles are durable, they often wear out and may need to be replaced.

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