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Woven Vs. Composite Strap
- Apr 30, 2021-

Woven Vs. Composite Strap

The two most popular types of straps used in the cargo security industry are polywoven and composite materials. Both of these products are good products for ensuring cargo safety, but there are differences between the two that make them more suitable for specific load applications.

The polyester strap is made up of polyester fibers that are woven together. Its strength comes from the way the fibers are woven in both horizontal and vertical directions. The composition of the polywoven strap gives it flexibility while providing good tension under rigid loads. The woven material provides a slight extension band to help it absorb some shocks and influences, and still maintain its position during transportation.

The composite strapping is made up of polyester fiber strands, all travel vertically and coated together with transparent polypropylene. The polypropylene coating increases its wear resistance, but still allows slight extension during transportation. Due to its polypropylene coating, composite straps are much harder than poly woven straps. The stiffness of the composite strap makes it easy to feed power under the tray.

Both woven and composite straps have different wire buckles for each type of strap. The difference lies in the finish on the buckles. For the woven straps, phosphate-coated wire buckles should be used. The phosphate coating on the buckle allows more friction with the woven material. If a composite strap is used with a phosphate-coated wire buckle, the strap will wear out due to friction between the buckle and the strap. Instead, for composite straps, you should use galvanized wire buckles. The smooth surface of the galvanized sheet buckle allows the composite strap to pass through the buckle easily and stay in place due to the rigidity of the strap. If a woven strap is used with a galvanized buckle, the strap may slip off the buckle because there is no friction between the buckle and the strap to maintain the position of the strap.

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