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Useful Life Of Composite Strapping
- Sep 21, 2021-

Depending on the application, the life span of composite strapping is different. In general, it is two to five years, but the actual effect is different due to the different materials and specifications of various high-temperature composite strapping.


The total width of composite strapping is different, and there is a certain difference in the price. The total width of composite strapping varies from one manufacturer to another. The customers must pay special attention to the specifications of the product in the case of selection.


When selecting a composite strapping, the quality of the products available on the sales market varies, so the price can vary greatly. Many SMEs are counterfeit and cheaper at the price level. It is better for the customer not to buy a poor-quality composite strapping.


In general, composite strapping will maintain its high-quality physical properties throughout the application process and will continue to have thermal embrittlement properties between -40°C and -120°C.

Ambient Humidity

Ambient humidity can also be very harmful to the application of composite strapping, allowing composite strapping to maintain high-quality physical properties in a wet and cold natural environment, and also for composite strapping itself has water absorption. However, its compressive strength and stiffness will be reduced.

How to choose composite strapping?

First, before purchasing composite strapping, you need to adequately check whether its model specifications are necessary for yourself, and to carefully check the well-known brands without being cheated at will.

Second, in the case of purchase need to look at the price, there are generally reference prices, we must discuss with the manufacturer, but do not pursue perfection for the better cheap, and ultimately endanger the quality of the product, we buy back the composite strapping packaging must be in accordance with the provisions of the original factory, found the problem to immediately carry out demolition and replacement with the manufacturer.

Third, do not just look at the photos, because the items on the site will inevitably happen composite strapping deviation, you must be careful to clarify the product model specifications and appearance design.

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