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Do You Know Polyester Strapping?
- Jun 07, 2021-

Do You Know Polyester Strapping?

For a long time, people have believed that Polyester Composite Strapping cannot be compared with steel strapping when it comes to ensuring heavy loads. This is not the case anymore. The materials used for strapping today are very advanced compared to yesterday's similar materials. These new strapping materials bring many unique benefits, making polyester a trusted choice for strapping in today's market.

Polyester strapping is safer than steel strapping. When comparing rolls of the same length, the polyester strapping is much lighter. Polyester provides greater safety for operators because it lacks the sharp edges that are common on steel straps. The blunt edge of the polyester strapping is easier to handle and forklift tires, reducing cuts and damage. Steel strap operators must wear gloves to protect or prevent serious injury. Once the strapping is removed, employees can easily tie up the removed polyester strapping and discard it in the trash or go through a closed-loop recycling program.

The overall environmental impact of polyester strapping is much lower than that of steel strapping. In the production process, polyester is extruded from resin raw materials. On the other hand, steel is a forging process that requires a lot of energy. The use of polyester strapping helps to generate huge net energy savings for environmentally conscious companies.

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