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Polyester Strapping Vs Steel Strapping
- Apr 20, 2021-

Polyester Strapping vs Steel Strapping

Today's advanced engineering capabilities, combined with continuously evolving raw materials, provide a variety of product options. These choices complicate the consumer's purchasing decision process and require more research and discovery. Whether buying a new car, decorating a house, or choosing packaging materials for our business. Certain products often become benchmarks for others to measure. This resulted in other products being considered inferior or ineffective.

For a long time, people have believed that Polyester Composite Strapping cannot be compared with steel strapping when it comes to ensuring heavy loads. This is not the case anymore. The materials used for strapping today are very advanced compared to yesterday's similar materials. These new strapping materials bring many unique benefits, making polyester a trusted choice for strapping in today's market.

1. The safety advantages of polyester straps

Polyester strapping is safer than steel strapping. When comparing rolls of the same length, the polyester strapping is much lighter. Polyester provides greater safety for operators because it lacks the sharp edges that are common on steel straps. The blunt edge of the polyester strapping is easier to handle and forklift tires, reducing cuts and damage. Steel strap operators must wear gloves to protect or prevent serious injury. Once the strapping is removed, employees can easily tie up the removed polyester strapping and discard it in the trash or go through a closed-loop recycling program.


The edge of boredom

2. Polyester strapping and the environment

The overall environmental impact of polyester strapping is much lower than that of steel strapping. In the production process, polyester is extruded from resin raw materials. On the other hand, steel is a forging process that requires a lot of energy. The use of polyester strapping helps to generate huge net energy savings for environmentally conscious companies.

The lighter polyester strap also reduces the overall load weight. This saves space, time, and fuel for transportation. Polyester strapping is a recyclable product that can reduce packaging waste and disposal costs. These cost reductions have increased the company’s profits and reduced its environmental impact. This recovered material can be recycled multiple times to produce post-consumer products, including new belts.

Reduce environmental impact


Reduce waste


3. Performance and durability

The formulation of polyester strapping has the properties of steel while providing many performance advantages. Excellent elongation and memory retention characteristics help the straps stay tight when the load expands and contracts. These features help straps absorb shocks without damaging or losing their ability to maintain the load. It is the best choice to shrink and settle the load after cooling. The ability of polyester strapping to stretch and maintain strength makes it ideal for wood loads. The polyester material is resistant to elements and UV degradation to prevent the straps from weakening when stored in outdoor areas. Unlike steel that rusts when wet, polyester strapping will not pollute the product when exposed to the natural environment.

Similar to steel performance

Increase load safety

Resistant to UV degradation



4. Cost savings

The unique quality of polyester makes it the best strapping material to ensure the use of various pallets and unit loads. As an alternative to steel strapping, polyester strapping can save 30% or more. Therefore the polyester straps are:

Very versatile

30% savings compared to steel

Reduce processing costs

Less change

Reduce the weight of the cargo

Reduce operator fatigue

Low environmental impact

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Polyester Composite Strapping

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