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What Is Composite Strapping?
- Jun 23, 2021-

What Is Composite Strapping?

Composite strapping is also called "synthetic steel". This is the latest development in strapping technology. Composite strapping is made of high-strength polyester yarn embedded in a polymer coating. Composite strapping can provide a variety of widths and strengths. Composite strapping is the strongest of all non-metal strapping systems. It is a strong and safe alternative to steel belts and has a high retention tension.

Benefits of composite strapping



High retained tension

Shock absorption


Are all-composite strapping equal? No!!

Different components determine the final strength and quality of the composite strapping. Even within the same width, there may be huge differences in linear breaking strength.

The amount of polyester fiber, the type of fiber (round fiber or flat fiber), and the raw material used for coating determine the linear breaking strength and elasticity of the belt.

As mentioned earlier, composite strapping comes in a variety of strengths and sizes. Always check your supplier for the strength of their composite strapping system.

Why is there a polymer coating?

The coating used in composite strapping increases the friction inside the buckle and ensures that the system has a high retention tension. The raw material used to make the polypropylene coating determines the flexibility of the strap. If a cheap coating is used, the strap will be very hard, especially at colder temperatures.

Composite Cord Strapping

composite strapping

The high-quality coating will peel off the internal buckle when you strain the system. This has two advantages. The peeling will increase the internal friction of the buckle and provide you with a visual sign that you have reached the optimal tension. Without this visual signal, you may strain the system. If the system is over tensioned, its shock absorption will decrease.

Is the composite strapping heat resistant?

Composite strapping where heat and/or chemicals are not a problem. Only at temperatures above 285°C will it decompose in the presence of oxygen. At 125°C, the cord strap will soften, but there is no negative effect. The strap is compatible with most chemicals.

Will composite strapping stretch?

There are two types of elongation. Permanent elongation and elastic elongation. The steel strapping has permanent elongation. This means that the steel strapping will elongate and potentially break during impact. It will not bounce back to its original shape.

Composite strapping has elastic elongation. This means that during the impact, the composite strapping will absorb energy, stretch, and bounce back to its original shape. Composite strapping requires more energy than steel strapping.

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